Matt Davis from Supply and Demand asked if I could help out creating some action packed images for Blue Ant headphones and I jumped right in.  Did a lot of CGI work in water and with the product to some interesting results.  I included some variations to share the idea process as well.
Model photography by Jelani Memory
Product Photography by Joe Felzman
Original photography.
After being danked. ;)
Repaired steel surface.
Original product photography.
Final build with CGI sweep, CGI Headphone band and CGI shadows.
Sweep and shadow render in CGI. 
Original Product Photography.
CGI water inside of Modo.
Water CGI render isolated.
Another Variation.
Early study PoC.
Final deliverable.
Detail with green reflections.
Detail showing the blue reflections.
Product render all in Modo.
Model in Modo.
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