Been looking at a ton of surrealistic art as of late so I wanted to work on something in that style.  I also happen to have a collection of old cameras here so I shot 3 of them with two views each.  Here is the first one, a old Kodak camera with all sorts of crazy gears and things stuck all over it.  Shot the cameras in the product bay and put it all together in Modo. 
Raw shot with no post. Lit with about 5 DedoLights. 
In Modo. Camera was added in Modo which makes this a bit different.  Just a plane poly with a alpha channel as a stencil which I painted awat the straps on.  The poly has a luminosity value set by the image as well so it is kinda like a back lit trans. No Photoshop post. These are raw renders from Modo.
Pulled back view of the scene in Modo. 
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