Ryan Unruh asked me if i wanted to make a 3d environment based upon the fabric on these shoes and I thought it would be a ton of fun to mess with.  Here are the images we made with the Finals at the end.  Once again, you can see where we started and where we ended up at after all the client feedback. I think it's more interesting to see the process then just the final imagery. Really enjoyed building up the materials on the landscape and figuring out the best way to provide layered delivery and the different colorways.
First go at it.
Shoes as shot.  Love the lights on the midsole ridges. 
Straight render here.  Client asked for layered files so I have a different render for shadows that I can stack.
First go on overhead views
Second go where we made them more widescreen view and shifted the angle some.
Second go with wider view, camera shifts and lighting changes.
3rd go with more width, camera shift, a tweak to the hills and product placement.
Since I had to provide two colorways, I shifted to rendering out a really boring file and used a Diffuse Coefficient Output to isolate the fabric materials to make color up easier from one render.
And here are the finals with a simplified material and the particle removed from the air to clean it all up.  Also added a dot pattern breaking up through the ground as well. 
Wire frames for top images.
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