Matt Davis and Kyle Wiley from NonBox came to me with a project for box illustrations for Zepp and I thought this would be a interesting project to show how the scope of the style can change and the problem solving that goes into it. The original concept was that since the Zepp reader would track data regarding your swing we would add data / numbers flying off the trails from the swings.  It changed a bit from there.  Athlete photography by Jelani Memory.
PoC (Proof of Concept) for the number illustration. These are fun to show because they are done fast, just to show that, "Why yes, I can make numbers flying off the swing of a club."
PoC for glass explosions and swing tracers.
Schematics in Modo for the simulation.
Low rez, low quality test render of the letters as automotive type glass.
RAW file from Jelani Memory who did a great job on the lighting.
Clipped, toned with logos removed from racket and clothing.
1st try.
Dialing it back a bit.
And pretty much all the fancy CGI numbers have gone bye-bye and have been replaced with text graphics.  This is pretty much the final. 
Jelani did a really nice job giving me great lighting to work with.  It allowed me to really bring some nice shape into these white outfits.
This is my favorite version from this project.  My favorite version is rarely used for the finals... lol! Another industry secret, all your favorite work will never see print!
Taming it down.
Toned, delogofied and new bat.
White version.
Study for the Golf ball back package graphic. Did this one, a baseball and a tennis ball.
The center fold out background graphic.
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